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Re: Posting to Atari Forum from an Atari...

Postby jvas » Fri Oct 17, 2008 11:40 am

Mr.JT wrote:
[ProToS] wrote:try the *.app and not the *.prg
*.app is compiled for 030

Thanks, but that is the version I am using already. And still no jpegs?? What's going on? :?

Only the JPGs are missing? Pictures are not displayed in HighWire if the temp folder is not set correctly.

Captain Atari
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Re: Posting to Atari Forum from an Atari...

Postby Mr.JT » Fri Oct 17, 2008 5:11 pm

interesting...I don't think I even have temp folder set up!? Where should it be and how should it be setup?

And yeah it's only jpegs-gifs seem to load ok?!

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Re: Posting to Atari Forum from an Atari...

Postby [ProToS] » Fri Oct 17, 2008 8:58 pm

edit your highwire.cfg

this is my cache conf under magicpc

Code: Select all

### Cache Setup ###
# Set the maximum amout in kilo bytes for images cached in memory.  This
# value affects only these images which aren't used anymore (default is 100k).
#CACHEMEM = 500  # = 512,000 bytes
# To allow HighWire to save visited pages for later revisites define a
# directory for storage.  This might be something like
#CACHEDIR = U:\ram\           # note that this one might need plenty of ram and
# will also prevent from persistant cookie support
# Set the maximum usage of disk space for storing cache files and optionally
# the maximum number of files to use.
# If not set here HighWire will use only sparingly 2MB andd 200 files max.
#CACHEDSK = 8192       # use 8MB disk space
#CACHEDSK = 4096 300   # use 4MB disk space, but not more than in 300 files
CACHEDSK = 8192 450


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