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Demozoo Event: The Weekend of Screenshots, december 15-17th!

Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 5:35 pm
by lotek_style
On the weekend of december 15th to the 17th, we invite you to come hang out and make sure we boost our screenshots to astronomical levels! There are a bunch of older productions that need some love, as well as some more contemporary ones - demos, intros, musicdisks, slideshows, diskmags and graphics compos. And did we mention we support art for music now? There are heaps of multiscreen productions with a single screenshot. Productions with low-resolution screenshots, and not to mention - so many productions completely without screenshots.

So, it is our hope that we can gather as much of the community as possible on this particular weekend and collaborate. We have a quite awesome community going on at Slack, and the idea is; someone can not get something to run, they ask for assistance. Either we can help, or someone else can get it going. You're having trouble configuring an emulator? Chances are someone in the team knows a thing or two about that particular platform.

Let's make our pages even more beautiful.

- We support screenshots of any size. 4K? No problem. We scale down to your screen.
- We support multiple screenshots, and automatically generate mosaics of any production that has 4 or more shots available.
- We support native upload of most retro formats through direct support for Recoil ( So, just upload those .iff's or any other supported format directly - no need to convert it to png or some other web format.
- We support artwork for music entries. That means, you can upload screenshots of executable music entries for instance, or "cover art" of any kind that may be associated with a track for say, Spotify or Bandcamp usage.

Any questions? ASK! :)

Re: Demozoo Event: The Weekend of Screenshots, december 15-17th!

Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 5:35 pm
by lotek_style
How to do proper screenshots for Demozoo V1.0

(Atari systems)


by lotek style/.tSCc.^YM Rockerz

When I became a moderator on Demozoo over four years ago the site itself
was pretty much lacking in screenshots. Over the years I found that
people were uploading bad looking screenshots, mostly taken from other
websites with more limited capabilities.

Our goal on Demozoo is to have a proper 'uniform' look instead of a big
mess. Since I am the moderator for all Atari platforms I decided to give
you a couple of hints.

Some general rules:

* native-size - please upload screenshots in their original resolution and
do not upload resized ones. The website itself handles zooming them.
You don't have to resize them in any way - neither filesize nor resolution.
* PNG-format - PNG or GIF are the preferred formats here, to ensure a sharp
look without any artefacts. Absolutely NO .JPG's please!
* Borders on - that's for ST stuff mainly... but WHY? Some demoscreens
use overscan, some do not... if you cut off the borders you may
cut off the effect as well. Stepping back to what I said right before,
we want a uniform look, and if you make screenshots sometimes this way
and sometimes that way we won't reach our goal.
* Original shots - please do not upload any screenshots from other sites
unless you made those as well. We want to have our own. You can upload
as many screenshots as you want, as we don't have limitations here.

Usually the best way to do screenshots is by using emulators. Here's a list
of which ones I am using for which platforms:

Atari 2600 Video Computer System (VCS)
->Emulator: Stella

Atari 8bit (XL/XE)
->Emulator: Atari800win
->Emulator: Altirra

Atari Falcon + Atari TT
->Emulator: Hatari 2.0

Atari Jaguar
->Emulator: Virtual Jaguar

Atari Lynx
->Emulator: Handy

Atari ST/E
->Emulator: STeem SSE

I hope that this gave you a little more insight how to get started and
maybe we could expect more screenshots from you in the future.