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FlashFloppy (New Open-source Gotek FW)

Posted: Mon Sep 04, 2017 7:33 am
by alexh
Here is a new Gotek FW which is open source. It supports HFE format (developed by HxC) and will soon natively support .ST (I think they added Atari Floppy disk drive interface support from 0.6.1a)

It is compatible with the HxCFE File selector

I would still recommend buying the excellent HxC Gotek FW. The author of HxC has shown full commitment to many platforms over many years.

It would be a shame if everyone went to a free solution only for both authors to stop development.

Re: FlashFloppy (New Open-source Gotek FW)

Posted: Thu Nov 16, 2017 8:25 pm
by MIDIbro
I'm really not worried about an open source alternative to HxC leading to the development scene crumbling.

For example, there's still MANY devices only HxC supports which FlashFloppy doesn't. For example I have a lot of 80s and 90s music gear which HxC had to be very specifically tailored and updated to be compatible with most of those devices. These are all devices that would not work with FlashFloppy and thus I pay for HxC since it's what I need.

If someone makes an open source firmware which works on all these edge case vintage machines, maybe i'd worry about HxC ceasing to exist, but as it stands, i don't think it really hurts anyone for there to be a free GOTEK firmware. For those of us who are only using the GOTEK with retro computers I think this is great since it doesn't -require- payment.

When I get another GOTEK I may take the HxC one out of the ST if I need it for something only HxC works on. Until then I have about a dozen HxC licensed GOTEK. That's about 120 euros I have given to Jean Francois. I'm not worried about the state of HxC. (All my GOTEK including the one in my STe are already licensed with HxC so i have not had a chance to try FlashFloppy.)