TT030 Cartridge Port issues

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TT030 Cartridge Port issues

Postby Fletch » Wed Aug 08, 2018 2:38 am

I spent a couple of hours on Sunday transferring files from my Falcon to my TT via NetUSBee. Things seemed to work out, but eventually the TT stopped responding to the transfers. On reboot, Sting kept failing when trying to initialize ENEC3 so I turned the TT off for a bit and removed the NetUSBee.

Later, everything just seemed to work again so I went back to transferring more data from the Falcon. Same issue occurred a bit later.

I let everything sit again, unplugged everything and retried it. This time it did not work. The lights came on the NetUSBee, but Sting would not initialize.

I shut it down and tried my Spectre GCR cart and this is when things got weird. On boot the ST RAM test worked just fine, but the TT Ram test showed all XXXXXXXXXXXX instead of ------------------- during the test. It would then try to boot and then double bomb. It then reset into an infinite reboot.

I took the Spectre over to the Mega STe and it worked just fine.

Any thoughts about what might be happening with the TT?



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Re: TT030 Cartridge Port issues

Postby mzry » Wed Aug 08, 2018 4:05 am

Could be a million different things. I just finished problem solving some issue with my TT and I started with a PSU recap, a full motherboard recap.
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Re: TT030 Cartridge Port issues

Postby Rustynutt » Wed Aug 08, 2018 4:39 am

I've have a later version TT, SMT 030, came up with the same things lately, not regarding the cartridge port, but bombs.
Kept the system pretty much dated, old HD Driver, NVDI, bla bla, normal stuff, no MiNT. Had an old Segate HD.
Haven't dug into it, actually packed it for sale. Noticed now and then it would bomb at boot.
Things I changed, went to V9 of HDD, installed a new NOS Segate 4GB SCSI internal disk (internal termination removed, external terminator in place).
I did have a SCSI to CF readier inside, stole that for the Mark X.
Has a GE Soft Fast Ram board, think 64mb of 60ns RAM, 8MB ST RAM board.
Using TT video port. Has a Maxon GAL programmer off the serial port.

Sometimes a couple of resets wouldn't do anything. Sometimes letting it set as you say, it would boot no problem.
Only noticed this at boot, thinking along the lines of where mzry is going, could be the powersupply.....

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