Falcon Ports - Issues...

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Falcon Ports - Issues...

Postby cawley1 » Tue Jun 05, 2018 3:36 pm

I noticed when using today my Falcon has developed some issues I had not noticed before.

1) The video port seems to have an intermittent issue where sound cuts out if the plug is touched in the port. This is quite sensitive. The video is rock solid, however, and does not blink when the sound cuts out.

2) RF (which I never tested before but did due to the above problem) looks like crap! The picture has a pink hue and is very fuzzy.

3) The right channel on the headphone socket is extremely low and what sound there is, is scratchy. The left channel is fine.

Sound is coming off the internal speaker fine (I usually have this disconnected), and is loud!

I checked the PCB over and can't see any major issues with dry joints, but I am not a professional. Everything else seems to work fine, although I have not tested SCSI, Midi, etc.

Anyone know someone in the UK who can look over a PCB, and make some repairs, for me?

Let me know,

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