Development version MyAES 0.98

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Development version MyAES 0.98

Postby OL » Sun Mar 04, 2018 7:29 pm


MyAES development is far more slow now, 0.98 is far to be available rather wait 3 years and need 1 year of fix, I have decide to provide some snapshot version of MyAES if I think it is enough good for user tests.

MyAES 0.98 will not change Kernel itself so less risk of difficult bugs to fix. It will be focus on bug fix, compatibility and new features.

Development version will be available here:

GCC version 68020+FPU and coldfire
- Fix form_button() issue (use by synctime (Wongck)), some checked box could not change of state.
- Replacement of PNG by a new one faster and able to load more versions of PNG
- Possible to replace desk.jpg background image by desk.png or for slow configuration desk.tga in 24 bits format unconpressed (far faster)
- Clean screen at shutdown
- Speed up background photo redraw on videocard with memory (Radeon Supervidel)
- Reduction memory used for background photo


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