MiNT 1.17 works with problems

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Re: MiNT 1.17 works with problems

Postby Latz » Thu Mar 10, 2011 9:21 am

Didier is informed about this XaAES option, he included it in VIDEOCNF.CPX.
But the new version is not released yet.

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Captain Atari
Captain Atari
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Re: MiNT 1.17 works with problems

Postby Galvez » Mon Sep 24, 2018 10:50 am

Paolo wrote:HA!
Almost sorted the time thing!!!

I blame it on ntpdate version 4.0.2 + MiNT1.17

i use the ntpdate program on startup during the init, and it always set the time right. I also notice a couple of timeouts and then the sync in the 'scrolling log'
When using 1.17, the timeouts aren't there and I get a 3600 sec shift.
At first this made me think about the very different implementation of the net section, and this sensation is confirmed by the very different speed of NetSurf.

So I just thought of "slowing things down a bit" by keeping ntpdate busy, so I used:
ntpdate $timeserver -> always 3600 sec offset
ntpdate -B $timeserver ->time gets fixed once if the difference is high (like 10-20 minutes) otherwise it breaks things
ntpdate -b $timeserver ->time never gets fixed
ntpdate -B -d -> always OK unless big time difference

It seems to me that somehow this program can't talk with the new MiNT 1.17 and reads a strange value of time somewhere.

I'd like to know if there is a newer ntpdate for mint (I have the one Standa Ophical compiled long ago) that could fix this.

In the meanwhile I think I can live with this little hack on 1.17: in rc.local I first do a ntpdate (that in 1.17 breaks the time) and then a ntpdate -B (that fix it)
So, almost resolved :-)

This comes a little bit late :-), but I've compiled a new ntpdate with this problem fixed, the culprit of the wrong behavior was MiNTlib.

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