falcon scsi2 fixes

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falcon scsi2 fixes

Postby simbo » Sun Sep 07, 2008 11:54 pm

appart from hardware fixes

its always best to NOT assume you can just plug in a scsi drive
and the internal drives
drivers will cope

you MUST remove the internal hdd driver
be deleting it without the external scsi drive connected

and power off
then connect it but dont power it yet
and then start the falcon {or TT} let it default to desktop
then power on the scsi drive unit !! {drive}
now run the boot floppy driver app
it should see the internal ide and the external scsi or scsi 2 drive

then go through the process of installing a driver to the internal ide
{see hd drivers manuals or other generic drivers manuals if you implement a generic systems {ie normal atari limits on type / size..geo}
and power off all
reboot without the floppy

now you WILL have a working external scsi system
remember an internal hdd driver wont know an external drive on scsi
is there or more over wont preperly address it till its installed with it there
running and written

this ends the no hardware fix external scsi drive on falcon and TT issue


Re: falcon scsi2 fixes

Postby simbo » Mon Sep 08, 2008 12:04 am

if you told the atari

and installed it as having it

dont disconnect it and use the atari till you tell the atari and install it again
as not being there now

ataris arent plug and play in tos...


dont run your system you have installed !!! without all parts you installed as.. having

ie power the lot or rework to remove it if you dont want it there!!!

even changing a single id after an install can change the drivers setup

some users install a system on a tt and expect it to work on a falcon

they dont share the same low level driver regiem for a start.... etc...
ive answered posts about this before with hardware fixes to common problems
assuming people realise this key accepts of this platform {tos}


Re: falcon scsi2 fixes

Postby ppera » Mon Sep 08, 2008 12:51 pm

Well, this is useful information for users. Not only with SCSI drives. For instance you need to reconfigure Hddriver's driver when adding Slave IDE drive.
However, I don't think that it is lack of Plug and Play, what is something more sophisticated and complicated - even old PC motherboards without PnP will recognise all diverse hard disk combinations without reconfiguring (SCSI ones too).
This is how popular drivers done it. Maybe has something with fact that basic hddriver is shareware, so you may use it limited. By complexer cases you need to buy full version where can configure things.

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