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Scanning Central now open for business...

Postby Mug UK » Wed Sep 19, 2007 9:22 pm

Well, the final piece to my scanning area turned up in work yesterday but as I was having a day off, I could only bring it home today.

What a fantastic little device it is. I've just scanned in 40 or so pages from the F-29 Retaliator manual into individually named JPG files. I've already got Adobe Acrobat 8 installed, so converted it to a .PDF and added the Replacement Docs and my own Atari Legend watermark and it looks fantastic.

Whilst scanning in the manual, the software can be told to automatically rotate every other odd or even page so that all you need to do is turn the manual around and the scan still comes out normally.

Only another 500 or so manuals to get started on!


Scanning Central workstation area! The Plustek 3600 Book Scanner, my laptop and then Fujitsu ScanSnap s510. The ScanScap is a document scanner - handy for loose-leaf manuals and ZX Spectrum/C64 cassette covers :) All that's missing is a powered USB hub and the external 160Gig SATA laptop drive to ensure I've got all the space I need for the manuals.



The new toy: Plustek 3600 Book Scanner. With first target of F-29 Retaliator outside and then inside.


Giving the ScanSnap something to play with - in this case the complete manual to Trip-A-Tron. Only afterwards when reading the final PDF file did I realise that I'd put the manual in back-to-front so now got to rearrange all the pages (i.e. the front of the manual is the last page in the PDF!) - and whilst this was an option in the freebie Adobe 7 that I used in my old place of work .. I can't find this feature in the freebie Adobe 8 that my Fujistu came with :(
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