Atari Falcon DSP audio programming tutorials?


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Atari Falcon DSP audio programming tutorials?

Postby smoston » Fri Jan 03, 2020 5:38 pm

Hi, I found this site which has lots of docs on the atari falcon and DSP programming. I was wondering if anyone had any beginner's tutorials on how to compile assembler apps for dsp on the falcon? What is everyone here using for their apps? Are you using hatari or programming directly on the falcon?

The reason I'm interested is the Falcon seems to have similar specs to an Eventide DSP 4000 audio fx unit. The DSP 4000 uses a 12.5mhz 68000 with 56001 DSP though. ... Itemid=343

And this vocoder along with Ace Tracker proves that Atari Falcon can kick arse at DSP.

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