Old Mint and old program thingy.


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Atari maniac
Atari maniac
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Old Mint and old program thingy.

Postby neanderthal » Tue Mar 20, 2018 9:56 pm

So some old 'minters' out there?(didn't see a mint section in here)
Have this weirdo idea of mine to get old CAF more mintish and stumbeled upon this.

pid ... :block_IO.c:bio_readin:RWABS fail (return = -258))

It happens when the program does it thing with audio files on a partition
that is about 256 megs.
On a partition that is about 1G in size it doesn't.

Real funny thing is that the files get created and seems to work.
Just that annoying message which really doesn't make sence.
That is if gathered it correctly from the sources,is really XHDI
and if I got it properly from the Scsi primary is MEDIUM NOT PRESENT.
Which of course doesn't make any sence either since a fixed disc.

Combo is mint 1.15.12 and some old HDdriver 6 or something.
And yea have the EXT2 thingy loaded aswell due to easymint version.

The big question is if to try more modern mint version or older for it to work,
really only after some networking with CAF running here(no rebooting),no real fancy desktop stuff or anything..hehe

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Re: Old Mint and old program thingy.

Postby Dal » Wed Mar 21, 2018 7:13 am

First, I suggest downloading CAFFIX.PRG and placing that in your Auto folder (although I can’t seem to find a direct download right now)

Failing that, contact Uwe Siemet (http://hddriver.seimet.de/en/contact.html) to get a copy ofhddriver 7.93 - this is the last version of hddriver that plays nicely with CAF’s slightly non-compliant way of scsi handling.
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Atari maniac
Atari maniac
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Re: Old Mint and old program thingy.

Postby neanderthal » Wed Jun 27, 2018 5:37 pm

No worries,took a while but figured it out.
(btw I am not the fastest to respond to things ;) ,more of a loner so to speak)
Did some source reading and so forth and took a long shot.
It paid off.
I moved the mint 'system' partition(the easymint part),or how one says in the mint world since you always boot via gemdos so to speak,to a minix file system and disabled ext2 driver.
No annoying messages to be confused about now.
And on the plus side,now my devpac3 and lattice C seems to work again as supposed to.
They could not find the binaries before (gen.ttp , mon.prg ,all that you know).
Must been a early ext2 adaptation or something?
I have still a bit to go on testing the latest stuff since want both worlds,
ie just to run old GEM:ish(dos:ish) programs and still be able to do networking and things like that.

Cudos to easymint not to care where it runs from,I like that kind of stuff.
(you have to manually copy the files to new drive tho)
Reminds me,never checked the fault logs if there are any ..lol

Wonder if the ext2(old) driver messes up DTA or something?
Just speculation tho since seen that CAF uses it a lot.

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