Do 220v STE power supplies accept dual phase power?

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Do 220v STE power supplies accept dual phase power?

Postby jbol » Tue Jul 02, 2019 2:15 pm


My Atari STE has a 220V (50Hz), but I live in Rio de Janeiro where the standard is 127V 60Hz.

So far I have been using a step up converter to get 220V and that seems to working fine. Does the frequency difference matter?

Since my apartment is equiped with tri-phase power, it is possible to combine two phases (so instead of 1 phase + 1 neutral, one uses 1 phase + 1 different phase), resulting in a tension of 220V at 60Hz. This works perfectly fine for airconditioners, toasters and what not. I'd really like to power my Atari this way as well so I can get rid of the bulky transformer, but I'd like to find out first if this could damage the Atari. My apartment does not have any ground wiring btw :(

Has anyone over here sucessfully tried this dual phase setup without ruining anything?

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