Sack AT-Speed 286 emulator - hardware installation guide?

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Sack AT-Speed 286 emulator - hardware installation guide?

Postby vattari » Fri Jun 15, 2018 1:08 am

I purchased a Mega ST 4 that came with a bonus Sack AT-Speed 286 emulator.
The Mega ST also had a HD FDD and Overscan modification done to it so there was a lot of internal wiring. The computer wouldn't boot until I removed the AT Speed from the Mega ST Bus adapter.
As it turns out the AT Speed board had a wire running from the Mega ST Bus adapter to a parrot clip that wasn't connected.
While I can find the software for the board, I couldn't track down the hardware installation guide for it that could clarify where that wire would go.
Does anyone know where this would go or better yet, have a scan of the installation guide?

2018-06-15 08.45.38-small.jpg

2018-06-15 08.45.27-small.jpg
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