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Re: Resolution boosting thoughts

Postby Foxie » Sun Feb 25, 2018 12:32 am

edingacic wrote:When i turn off the display of notes and names then its two times faster. It is something really small and its not like its a show stopper but I would love to speed this thing. One more thing is that scrolling backwards is usually slower then going forward on the timeline.

It sounds like it's limited by the CPU, and the particular way Steinberg chose to store the data. It's probably having to scan a large number of events to determine what to draw rather than caching it. Is it any faster if you use lots of smaller parts rather than fewer large ones?

Does changing the number of pulses per quarter note affect the screen drawing performance? Depending on how Cubase is designed, a lower ppqn might result in less CPU load.

I'm not sure if there's any other way of speeding it up, other than just getting used to turning off the display of events and names. The best way to make Cubase feel faster is to spend some quality time using it on an 8MHz machine! It's like wading through treacle, but you even get used to that after a while!

In any case, I'll certainly try and keep any software I write as fast as possible. My only Ataris are 8MHz so I certainly want it to be comfortable to use on those.

edingacic wrote:You can scroll windows using keyboard shortcuts the ( , ) keys will let you do that and holding shif+( or ) let you speed the scrolling.

Ah, thanks! I always wondered why the cursor keys didn't scroll. This should make it a bit easier to use!

Presumably you could then map a scroll wheel to these keys to make it a bit easier to scroll.

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