Several Problems with my Beloved ATARI 1040STe

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Several Problems with my Beloved ATARI 1040STe

Postby Oguzog » Sun Oct 15, 2017 9:27 am

Hello all ST lovers,

I have an German ATARI 1040 STe

Upgraded to 4MB and and removed 1.06 German TOS and installed TOS 2.06 UK (since i don't know german)


1-) Using FLoimg and computer with xp and internal fdd (thinkpad g40 to be exact) I've tried to write Prince of Persia but gave 4 bombsThen i tired with steem and same. But changed to tos 1.06 again (both on hw and emu) it worked. So i assume not all games support 2.06. LAter on i've found fixed one disk version of st file and it worked. Now if i only wanted use cubase and wanna play most of the games which tos is the best?

2-) Is Ultrasatan worth? or just gotek with hxc firmware? Because i don't think the all games supports ultrasatan (modified to worked with ultrasatan)?

3-) Before finding tos 2.06 compatible prince of persia. I tried to game with gotek to see if my drive is faulty. It didn't worked either. But also resulted a problem. when i restart the HW hxc firmware shows bombs and stucks and doesn't work till i re-copy boot files to the SD card. It is ok that PoP doesn't work with 2.06 but my ****s my hxc firmware :) Any ideas?

4-) When i write 2-3 images using Floimg on my thinkpad G40 notebook. all worked great. But now how many disks i try (even the first 3 disks i have written successfully) they don't work...

I have a Pentium 1 machine installed 98. Wanted to try on that machine to see if my drive faulty or not. Since Floimg only works minimum xp. I've found an another software called MAKEDISK.EXE which works under DOS.

It worked great and i wrote 3 disks and all worked great. But then again :) after that i tried many many disks but none of them are working. I also tried to re write same disk with same image (which worked when i first write) they don't work now too?

What is going on :) Other than my problems which setup do you suggest me to use?

all i want to do is play as many games as possible and cubase. Which setup do you suggest?


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