Recovering crucial file from Atari SCSI hdd

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Recovering crucial file from Atari SCSI hdd

Postby charliefrown » Sun Sep 17, 2017 9:26 am

hi, I got this Mega STE with really obscure Protari VME graphics card. Couldnt find any drivers online, there are many other people looking for it on other forums too. The previous owner wiped the hdd clean, so I was thinking about recovering just the video drivers. I intend to use an old version of OnTrack Recovery program that's included in Hiren Boot CD. The problem is it wont show up any SCSI driver, probably because my AHA 2940 isnt listed on Hiren's SCSI drivers list. I was thinking about building my own DOS bootable CD or usb stick with OnTrack and proper *.sys files, which seems pretty tough job for a noob like me. The other easier choice would be booting off Gotek HxC, but I do not know any programs that lets you undelete (recover) Atari files from HDD.

Any tip concerning this issue will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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