Software for the Magic Sac Plus mac emulator (does anyone have any software in Magic Sac disk image format?)

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Software for the Magic Sac Plus mac emulator (does anyone have any software in Magic Sac disk image format?)

Postby vattari » Fri Jun 15, 2018 12:48 am

I picked up a Magic Sac Plus emulator some months back and am wanting to get it up and running on my Mega ST 4.

To get the Mac software to the ST (due to the incompatible disk drive/formats) requires one of the following:
1. Connecting a Mac and ST via a serial link; running the included transfer programs on the respective computers.
2. Use a hardware device such as the Translator One or Discovery Cartridge.

The problem with Option 1 for me is, I don't have the Mac disk for the transfer program that should have come with Magic Sac, nor do I have a Mac.
The problem with Option 2 is I don't have the required cartridges.

I think the simplest solution is to work on Option 1, using virtual emulated hardware. I would then be able to avoid further hardware purchases that would be of temporary use.
The hypothetical plan is to use an emulator such as Steem (for the ST) which has serial port emulation, and connect to a emulator for the Mac 512K which also has serial port emulation. Then I can transfer between the two. The resulting .ST disk image (in Magic Sac format) I would then move to a Gotek/FlashFloppy drive on the real hardware.

I would like some assistance from anyone who has:
- most importantly, the Mac disk (imaged) with the Transfer software from Gadgets by Small / Data Pacific.
- Any Mac software already converted to the Magic Sac format, readable by the ST.
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