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RPMint Distribution

Postby piku » Sat Feb 03, 2018 6:03 am

HI all, I posted this on the mint list but I figured I could post it here as well....

I bought rpmint.com and wanted to announce that I wanted to fork/continue on with sparemint as a new name, RPMint. What I am planning to do is a slight divergence from sparemint but ultimately the same. The goals are:

* Auto builder which builds same packages for coldfire, 68020-60 and 68000
* Clean up rpm build dependencies so that autobuild can rebuild everything from scratch without screwing up the dependencies. The purpose being that if a static lib is updated, the entire system can be updated automatically. Backend will facilitate this and will bump up revisions prompting package updates.

* Revised init scripts which run a bit faster and leaner - up for debate
* Updated packages (many already completed just need to put it all together)
* GEM/CLI package installer/updater

* Comprehensive website (will be postgresql/c#/mvc running on mono/linux). Will allow package upload, community approval, deployment to auto build servers, searching by file, package info, historical package archive, etc. The autobuilder will also be a C# app that will monitor and control via ssh.

* For experienced users or for others to build on... Primary focus on unix cli tools and ports - easymint and other products should take RPMint work and build on it. RPMint is JUST the distro, not an installer or kernel maintenance tools. Kernel will not be a package at all. RPMint is just intended to maintain what is on the ext2 partition traditionally so no xaaes, no kernel, etc.

* RPMint will lift and otherwise reuse community work whenever possible. Vincent Riviere's patches, Alan's work with gentoo, etc.

I did work on all this before but I lost interest due to a lack of control over sparemint and no interest from sparemint people. Now I have no excuses so we'll see what I can do with it. It's vaporware at the moment but I wanted to put this out there to allow people to comment and offer opinions on how things should go. Ultimately I do not plan to exercise a lot of control over this but just wanted a platform with which to share the ports I've done.. and I prefer RPM.

Build farm is an M5484LITE board for coldfire, and two aranym instances for 68000 and 68020-60. Ssh access provided to anyone who wants to work on it, maintain or participate... Or even build their own software. 68000 is no longer really a waste of time due to MonSTer board and MiST if anyone ever figures out the block io issues on that.

I probably won't post back here much about it, other than to answer any questions or comment on what people may reply to in this thread. In the early days before there is an RPMint website, and probably thereafter for the more random stuff, I will post musings about my work here http://atari-source.org/ This site hasn't been updated in a long time but it seems like a good fit. If you want to see how the project is coming along just check that out. Otherwise, when the website is up and running and I feel the project is usable I'll post back here. I'm eager to hear any comments, suggestions or feedback as I will try to steer this in a way that works for everyone.
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