Mac OSX-Atari floppy problems

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Re: Mac OSX-Atari floppy problems

Postby arf » Sun Jun 18, 2017 11:20 pm

Greenious wrote:DD disks on Mac are notoriously difficult from what I remember. It uses varial rotation speeds to fit 800kb onto a disk and I am not really sure if Mac can read DD disks from other platforms at all. On top of that I think apple even dropped som floppy support in 10.4...

Sorry, your memory is a bit foggy :-) DDs disks that are “difficult” are GCR encoded Macintosh disks from 1984 on. These are not relevant for OS X / macOS <-> Atari ST transfer.

macOS 10.12 can read and write FAT12 disks in USB floppy drives - if it is a proper USB floppy drive. Not all support DD, although they claim to do so. I had good experiences with IBM Thinkpad external USB floppy drives, including DD disks.

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