Mega 65 and the Commodore 65 core possible?

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Mega 65 and the Commodore 65 core possible?

Postby seastalker » Thu Sep 20, 2018 7:42 pm

The Mega 65 website at just got a lot flashier. There are major updates for those interested. For those unaware, the Mega 65 project is to finally bring to life the Commodore 64 successor, the C65 [which exists as an extremely expensive collectible prototype] via a FPGA recreation complete with gorgeous keyboard/case/3.5" floppy support. It is reportedly 50x faster than the 64. Now, I know the word Commodore is heresy to some on an Atari forum which is of no bother to me. What excites me is that it is a powerful FPGA device in a keyboard case and open source,
so we can have Mist/Mister cores ported to it and hopefully it is possible to port the C65 core over to the Mist. It would be another C64 core as well unless I am mistaken. I don't know who did the core, but here is the github link:

Amazingly, they plan on a Mega 65 phone?? I'm not saying I'd get one, but would love to see the specs. I hope some others here are as excited about this project's progress as I am.

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Re: Mega 65 and the Commodore 65 core possible?

Postby DrOG » Fri Sep 21, 2018 4:08 am

Yes, the C65 is an interesting hardware, but as you wrote it was never mass produced, no software support and no childhood nostalgic feelings unfortunately...

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Re: Mega 65 and the Commodore 65 core possible?

Postby Sorgelig » Fri Sep 21, 2018 4:28 am

Mega65 uses only BRAM. That's why it can work much faster. FPGA they use has around 12MBit of BRAM (IIRC).
And of course it's impossible to port it to MiST as-is because FPGA on MiST has only 650Kbits of BRAM.
May be it will be possible to modify the code and adapt it to SDRAM, but speed won't be the same anymore.
Also, the core isn't finished yet and it's too early to speak about functionality.

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