German forum about CosmosEx - Deutsches Forum zu CosmosEx

News, questions and bugs reports about CosmosEx by Jookie. Now we have a Raspberry Pi in our machines!

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German forum about CosmosEx - Deutsches Forum zu CosmosEx

Postby 1st1 » Wed Apr 20, 2016 8:13 pm


the german forum (ST, TT, Falcon, etc., clones like Milan, Hades, Firebee, but also ATARI 8 Bit and PCs) now has also a sub category for CosmosEx, Ultrasatan and HxC & Gotek. We have also now some experienced users of these devices there which can help specially in german language.


das deutsche Forum (ST, TT, Falcon, etc. Clones wie Milan, Hades, Firebee, aber auch ATARI 7 Bit und PCs) hat jetzt auch eine Kategorie für CosmosEx, Ultrasatan und HxC & Gotek. Wir haben dort auch einige erfahrene Benutzer dieser Geräte, welche speziell in Deutsch helfen können.

The direct link / Der direkte Link :

(Maybe also making this topic sticky?)
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Re: German forum about CosmosEx - Deutsches Forum zu CosmosEx

Postby Jookie » Thu Apr 21, 2016 10:54 am

1st1, that's great news for mostly german speaking folks, who don't handle english that good :)

Maybe also making this topic sticky?

I asked other moderators for help with this one, as I can't do that myself (don't have the rights to do that).

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