Cosmos Ex no longer detected?

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Cosmos Ex no longer detected?

Postby eebuckeye » Mon Nov 23, 2015 3:37 am

I updated my CE to the latest version the other day with no issues in fact I used it after I updated it with no problem. I also use the ppera driver which has been working fine.

I moved files around on my CE SD partitions using my Win XP machine that was updated to see multiple partitions on the SD card. I then used the CE on my ST with no issues. I then renamed my partitions from Hard Disk to other names so I know where files were saved (such as A-CL as the name instead of Hard Disk). After I renamed the partitions I saved the desktop.

Next time I booted no drives (including floppy drives) appeared on the TOS 1.4 desktop. It was completely blank but the menu at the top worked fine like normal.

I thought maybe the Desktop file on the CE SD card (1st partition) was corrupt so I deleted it on my Win XP machine. Now when I boot the Cosmos EX I no longer see the white CE boot screen load before TOS appears and none of my drives other than floppy appear on the desktop. I tried to copy the ppera driver back to the Cosmos EX partition but the program does not detect any hard drives attached. I did run the CE config program from a floppy and it shows the Cosmos EX with no problems and it seems to be configured correctly still (to my knowledge). I have ACSI ID 0 set to SD which did not change but I can not get anything to work.

What should I do to get the Cosmos EX working again? I see it boots ok as the blue lights blink as expected on the CE and the CE config program recognizes it with no issue.

Please help! Thank you!

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Re: Cosmos Ex no longer detected?

Postby Jookie » Mon Nov 23, 2015 6:57 am

Hello Brad,

this might be due to lot of changes made to support the SCSI interface - changes made in the last half year. I mentioned in the update thread that the updates are not yet recommended for older CE devices, but as I see things happened...

I need few more days to test it on older CE and possibly fix the issue(s).


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