SCSI cable for Falcon

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SCSI cable for Falcon

Postby MCal27 » Sat Nov 21, 2015 4:58 pm

Guys, I looked at my Falc's mono and saw a 50pin internal connector. Got no joy getting it to work with Cosmoses so now after actually researching itI'm doubting this is indeed SCSI. So do I need to get a cable made up that will run internally to the 50 pin on Cosmoses and out to the external SCSI2 connector? I know the ST ACSI version works like this, but I've never seen a SCSI cable that will fit this combination required for the Falc... Am I correct in my thinking at least?

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Re: SCSI cable for Falcon

Postby alanh » Sat Nov 21, 2015 5:22 pm

That 50pin connector is near the CPU - yes ?

If so there is also another header on the board, these two make the sockets for CPU upgrades etc. where the CT60/Afterburner etc would plug into.

Don't plug anything SCSI into that !!!

The only SCSI connector on the Falcon is the external connector.
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Re: SCSI cable for Falcon

Postby alexh » Mon Nov 23, 2015 11:54 am

AFAIK there is no internal SCSI on the Falcon 030 motherboard.

There were I believe modifications where you removed the resistor packs for the external connector, added pin headers and used an internal adapter board?


Or were they only for C-LAB falcons?

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Re: SCSI cable for Falcon

Postby SoundDoctor » Sat Dec 19, 2015 2:51 am

C-Lab MkII and Mk X only had an internal SCSI header 'bodge job'. You can do the mod to any Falcon. Remove the three 220/330 Ohm terminator SIL network resistor packs P1, P2, and P3 to give access to the following lines (you can either hard wire to the board or solder pins in place of the resistors). bear in mind the three headers are arranged in SIL-8 rows and the middle one is offset lower than the other two, a little wider apart than normal double row IDC spacing. You could split a ribbon cable into three groups of 8 (plus grounds) and use three Dupont type connectors (the same as is used for the Falcon Keyboard connector - can be found cheap enough on eBay).

ideally you would find a way to leave the resistors in place unless you are also using the external port. Termination problems could arise as the Falcon doesn't really have a T type bus and by adding an internal header you are effectively creating a T type SCSI bus. Normally a T type bus allows the terminating resistors to be socketed for removal and refit as needed - see the TT for example.

Maybe get a bit of vero board, three 8 wide turned pin SIL sockets, three 8 wide 2.54mm pitch pins, three 8 wide Dupont connectors. This way you easily fudge an adapter that allows you a removable internal SCSI cable and socketed terminating resistors if you ever need to remove the terminating resistors to allow use of the external scsi connector.

Terminator P1:

1 = Vcc
2 = SEL
3 = BSY
4 = SACK
5 = ATN
6 = RST
7 = REQ
8 = GND

Terminator P2:

1 = Vcc
2 = CD
3 = MSG
4 = SCSI1
5 = SCSI0
6 = IO
7 = SCSI2
8 = GND

Terminator P3:

1 = Vcc
2 = SCSI7
3 = SCSI6
4 = SCSI5
5 = SCSI4
6 = SCSI3
7 = P
8 = GND
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