Demos and how they work with the CosmosEx

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Demos and how they work with the CosmosEx

Postby corpsicle » Fri Apr 03, 2015 10:45 pm

Was trying out some demos from CosmosEx last night, this was the result.

Hardware: Atari 1040 STE 4mb TOS 2.06

Works seemingly without issues:
FD Checkpoint - Thunderdome
HDD DHS - Summer Delights
FD Checkpoint - 2nd Reality 2013
FD NoExtra - 0OMPA - works fine when ran from gem, four bombs booting from floppy
FD G*P - Elefantastic
HDD DHS - cernit sandafir
HDDDHS - more or less zero - (music in endpart borked maybe? Misplaced snares?)

Works with some (or a lot of) issues:
FD Aggression/Kruz - Braindamage - loads, asks for disk 2, loads, rendering, black screen, nothing
HDD Celebral Vortex - C++ is forbidden - works but most screens have borked graphics/wrong palette

Doesnt work at all:
HDD Blabla - Strange roboTS - four bombs
FD Dune/Sector One - Antiques - red screen, no loading

Note that i have no way of telling if the issues are caused by CosmosEx or not.

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Re: Demos and how they work with the CosmosEx

Postby Strider » Sat Apr 04, 2015 3:56 pm

Well I tried some of these demos on my STE 4 MB with TOS 1.62.

Braindamage and Antiques do not work with CosmosEx. However they work pretty well with HxC Floppy Emulator.
I didn't know there is a HDD version of C++ is forbidden, but the floppy version is ok.

Concerning HDD demos I don't think the problem come from CosmosEx. Isn't it a TOS version incompatibility?
Strange Robots work well. Did you tried other Blabla demos such as Circus back²STage? (
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