Possible cheap SuperVidel hardware

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Re: Possible cheap SuperVidel hardware

Postby leech » Fri Jun 09, 2017 2:06 am

1st1 wrote:
leech wrote:On the note of using SAGA. So if that was adapted to an ST, does that mean we could get Workbench ported to the ST (we already have EmuTOS running on Amiga hardware). Yeah I know, sin! I'm also half joking, I have both anyhow.

Original Amiga OS is closed source (like TOS in theory is as well). But there is AROS and currently it looks like they make it more hardware independent for graphics chipset to support SAGA. So why not Videl support in AROS as well? But graphics is only one thing, both ATARI and Amiga platform are also too different to make them 100% compatible just by loading the OS of the other side. The Apollo standalone couldbe the High-End answer one day as MiST does already today more at Low-End level (High/Low-End is meant in question of system performance!), just boot the ST or Amiga core and you are fully compatible.

Yeah, what we need is a next level MiST that can do a Falcon Core, and an A4000 / 060 / RTG core.

Currently I think it tops out at doing a really fast Mega STe and a stock A1200 for the most part, right?
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