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SuperVidel poll

Postby instream » Mon Aug 03, 2009 9:32 am

SuperVidel poll
Just wanted to say that we (Nature) have put up a poll at our homepage, [url][/url] where you can register your interest in the SuperVidel (if you don't know it: it's a Videl replacement graphics card for Falcon030 + CT60/63). We need your input on how many boards you consider to buy at two different price intervals, since we need to negotiate with the manufacturer when the time comes. We are aiming to be finished with the design this year (meaning the VHDL design for the onboard FPGA. We have already made real working prototype hardware), then there will be a payment period of a few months and then the manufacturing can start.

By answering the poll you have not agreed to buy anything, but please be serious.

Instream / Nature

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