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Postby FedePede04 » Sat Apr 23, 2011 11:37 pm

Hi. All
This will be the last beta most bugs should be corrected.
This version should be a lot more stabel, run a test for 8 hours.

BTW. to use Leonard score (YM format) rename the extensions *.zip and unpack it. load it as a *.bin file.

Final Beta.

New features:

Playlist :

skip forward.
normal play
repeat play
random play.

Upcomming features:

Ym2149 Score Editor (Tracker)
Save as Wave files.

Bugs fix:

stop playning (program hang) ; timer interrupt is messing up my code .(very often) --- (solution found)
program cash if click in playlist windown.
Stops playing after loading a new song in playlist mode. (delphi Error)
Win 7 64bit error.
Sound error then restarting the score.
Sound Error when load new song while Playing a song
and a number of other bugs.

Known Bugs:

Still missing to fix the sliders (GFX error).
updown arrow : i think it's a delphi error.

Download the latest version here.
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